Blackburn Trakstand Ultra trainer and Zwift zPower


I’m new user and want to hear from other users how is their experience with Blackburn Trakstand Ultra trainer on Zwift.

I think that zPower is under estimating my effort. How do you feel?

I never rode with a power meter, but the Strava Power estimation on my “real rides” are a bit higher than zPower on similar situations.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Filipe,

I don’t believe we support that trainer so all of your zPower estimates will be a bit off unless you know for sure it has the same resistance unit as some of the other Blackburn trainers we support.

Hi, Eric.

Thank you for the answer, but Trakstand Ultra is one of Blackburn trainers available at Zwift options.


I misspelled the trainer name on initial post. It’s Trakstand, instead of Trackstand. Edited.

Hi Filipe,

Looks like our Knowledge Base wasn’t updated properly (and now I’ve got egg on my face). That being said, you’re now comparing one company’s “estimates” or riding outdoors and our virtual power curve for an indoor trainer. Those are always going to be off, especially as I’m not entirely sure how Strava estimates power.

The only way to get truly accurate power is with a power meter and, even then, those will vary from meter to meter. The key is consistency in its readings. That’s how you know if you are improving.

I am new to the zwift world but have a couple of days in with my setup which includes Blackburn ultra, wahoo cadence/speed and IPad.  It seems as if it is underestimating my speed/ power as well, consistent watts 60 max watts 63.  Even when I shift and stand on the peddles not a lot of movement in the watts.  I know I get passed by just about everyone.  

Maybe I am doing something wrong?

I have the same setup and get the same results, consistent watts 60 max, I can’t enjoy group rides which is the main reason I am on Zwift.  I noticed you are still using Zwift and it’s been over a year that you made the post.  Do you mind sharing your current setup or what you did to fix your setup from last year.

Thank you very much.

I ditched the Blackburn and went with a cyclo ops hammer.