Black/blank photos when running ZWIFT on Android device

I was looking the forums and it seems the issue is common here and there, but I didn’t find clear solution.

Everytime I end a Zwift session using my androind Samsung S10e I get to the screen when you pick your photos to be uploaded. I never do any pics, so there is always this one default photo made by Zwift which is always entirely black and marked with favourite star.

#1. There is no option not to upload this photo, so it gets uploaded to Srava and I have to delete it manually as it makes no sense to have it there, it just doesn’t look good.
#2 Why I’m getting this photo anyway? How to get rid of it?

My setup is
App: Zwift running on android Samsung S10e, connected via HDMI cable to standard TV screen
Trainer: Wahoo Kickr Core connected via Bluetooth
All sensors connected via bluetooth

Hi @Karol_Michura welcome to Zwift forums.

This is a known bug that’s already in the to-do list. Thanks for searching for this issue first, and also thanks for resurfacing this one.