Zwift not taking photos

Hi, since middle of Feb when I end a ride there are no photos. My companion app photos don’t work either.
I have Zwift on the PC, and the companion app on my android mobile.
I have tried uninstalling the companion app and reinstalling it to no avail.

Is it that is just is ignoring the attempts to take a photo, or is it that the photos are all black?

If all black, are you in full screen mode on your PC? That is a known bug. Change to windowed mode and the black photos will likely capture fine.

Completely ignoring them, when the ride is finished there is the option to save or bin the ride, but no photos taken by me or any that Zwift takes automatically. No black squares, just not there! It was working until middle Feb. I’ve changed nothing.

Looking back it worked on the 16th February, but not the 17th and after.
For Zwift I am using a PC with windows 10.
Zwift version 1.11.0(64913)
My companion app is on my android One plus 3 phone, app version 3.23.(0)(1118).
My turnaround function isn’t working either, or the stop ride on companion app.
I’ve tried F10 on the keyboard and that doesn’t work either though the screen flashes, and I’ve done the recent update where it said this would be fixed.
I’ve tried turning settings to only my photos, tried windowed and full screen mode to no avail. The screen flashes as if a photo is being taken but nothing is there!

Since May 28, 2021 Zwift is no longer taking automatic photos during any ride. Is this a known bug?