Birthday ride?

Hi all,
Last monday I did a zwift session on my birthday. To my surprise, I was completely and totally alone. (I rode Watopia) Which of course enables me to take all the competition t-shirts I want at a snail’s pace, so I am assuming this is a Zwift “birthday special”?

(Also: big effin Mantaray passing by the ocean boulevard on the minutes of my age! Was that coincidence? OR…? Anyone else has ridden on their birthday? Were you too alone in the Zwift world?

This is a cool feature if it’s a thing. Happy birthday!


Thank you Aaron!

That would make no sense at all to me. Just because it’s my birthday doesn’t mean I want to ride all on my own!

What would be cool on birthdays would be if the rider got some sort of indication, like a little cake icon in the riders list or over their head. That way people would know it’s their birthday and could give them a special birthday Ride On.


That would also be a good one! I think I would like that better then the taking of the sprint t-shirts. But I am not complaining, just wondering if others had the same experience when riding on zwift on their birthday.

My thanks to Zwift for trying to make it special! (I had a good ride… I would not ever have won those t-shirts otherwise…)

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Ich bin am meinem 72. Geburtstag 72 Minuten gefahren, und habe keine Reaktion seitens Zwift erlebt. Es ist absolut nichts passiert! Warum denn die Aufforderung in einer E-Mail, an meinem Geburtstag 72 km oder 72 Minuten zu zwiften ?

Keine Ahnung! Aber warst du auch alleine im virtuellem Welt während das Trainieren?

Hallo Cartoon,

am meinem Geburtstag habe ich einen Workout gemacht und mir dafür auf Watopia den Dschungel
Kurs ausgesucht. Was ich bekommen habe sind ein paar RIDE ON’S von einigen Mitfahrern und Follower.

Hoi Johann, dann waren Sie nicht alleine, nehme ich an. Das ist komisch. Vielleicht habe die Leute von Zwift einfach etwas probiert.

Und gratuliere!

I would guess you had no network connection at the time, i rode on my birthday and it was all like normal!

unless zwift likes you more that me! :grinning:

Oh, DUH slaps forehead That could have been the thing… though I did log in and I would assume I’d need to have a connection going to have it log me into the program? I am not sure what happens if I lose the connection after that, though…

Or indeed, Zwift likes me, and me alone… muhahahahHAAAAA!
Sorry. Let myself go there…

If you lose connection while riding you carry on as normal but everyone else disappears

But I’m going with your second option! You are zwifts chosen one!

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