Birthday Celebration

Every year about this time I think of this,

How about a birthday cake next to your name in game, instead of the orange thumb, but it stay next to your name for the whole day, so that people can easily give you a ride on.

And to make it more interesting instead of a blue thumb you get a birthday cake when somone give you a RIDE ON.

Awesome suggestion! :smiley:

Heck, on someone’s birthday Zwift could gift them some drops or XP if they ride.

Double XP/Drops on your birthday? :smiley:


Wear a party hat or special birthday jersey/shirt in-game while running or riding also.

I do like the Double XP/Drops idea.


Yes I did not thought about Double XP, that will be sweet.


You’d just have to make sure that private profiles only expose this to followers by default, that there is a GDPR opt-in option for private profiles to expose it to everybody, and that it doesn’t appear on screenshots that are uploaded to services that are not subject to Zwift regulations. :tada:

The party hat sounds like fun. One with a propeller on top would be nice.


A good point you make. For stuff like Zwift I don’t use my actual DoB. I only share the real one with important bodies like our medical service, tax etc. Years ago I had my ID hacked but luckily the DoB they got was wrong so I was contacted by a loan company checking and was able to alert my bank CCC etc. I would encourage others to do the same.


Heheh, the EU are such party poopers! :stuck_out_tongue:

Of course, broadcasting birthday fun would be an opt-in feature.

Can’t see any issue with double XP or Drops though. OK, there might be a small possibility that someone screenshots themselves getting 40XP on the km, but distributing that is their choice.

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You mean 60XP for a mile.

Hehehehe, you guys! :laughing:

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The proposal was a birthday cake next to your name for the whole day.

Just anticipating the backlog refinement meeting. :joy:

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That was the opt-in bit I mentioned. =)

Could still get double XP/Drops even without any outward display of birthday status.

Ah, I misunderstood that bit.

Yep, birthday and postal code are the common entry points for abuse. Often just as the launchpad for the next step, but I actually get prescription drugs in my pharmacy with only a birth date. :man_facepalming:

(Mind you, not living in a village, I go there about 5 times a year and they have lots of staff.)

How about xp for riding your age in miles on your BD. I do every year.