Rewarding goal achieved with XP

Currently we can set a weekly or monthly goal based on time and distance.

As far as I can tell, achieving a goal has no reward. Once you reach it, there’s a banner, people around you are notified so they can easily give you a Ride On but that’s it.

I do have weekly and monthly goals but since it includes my rides outside, I use another tool to track them. So regarding Zwift, I don’t see their purpose. Or at least I don’t see how they are included since it’s just a thing totally outside the other mecanisms of the app.

So my request is simple : to give more incentives to set and reach goals, can you reward them with XP ?

Based on cycling, currently you gain 20XP each km. With goals, it could be 5XP. Now if I set myself a weekly goal of 100km, if I reach it, I will be rewarded with a bonus of 500XP. If I don’t, I get nothing goal related (still get my usual 20XP/km).
Time related goals can be something like 150XP per hour (based on a average of 30km/h). I set myself a weekly goal of 5 hours. If I reach it, I will be rewarded with a bonus of 750XP. If I don’, I get nothing.

So not only it gives an incentive to set bigger goals, but it’s also an incentive to reach them because if you don’t, you get nothing. Period. It’s a bet : all or nothing.

I’d like to know in bagde “avid climber” or “masochist_” is within one ride

No @Xavier_Lavenu, they don’t have to be in one ride.

Thanks, Gerrie, then just riding all Watopia rides, “avid climber” will be won,

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one more question, zwift technical team can make ride’s displayed data realy good
today I ride The London Pretzel, displayed as a 34.6 mi /55.68 km elevation 1882 ft / 574.6 m i ve’stopped riding without achievement at 82,1 km (27 km more) :disappointed_relieved: there is something going wrong in zwift application