Better interface for custom workouts


The “Game Update 1.29 [September 2022]” brought a new workout UI.
As pointed out by @Chris_Holton , “New custom workout selection seems like a backwards step. + now you have to click the workout tab, the custom selection, the workout you want then it takes you to the exact same screen as before and you go through the same steps as before.”


  • please add a custom workout button to go to… you guessed it, ONLY custom workouts
  • no need to have that humongous list of lists of workouts - just a way to find/organize (A) custom workouts
  • pressing the back button should not result in additional actions to find the list of custom workouts

(A) tags are nice, but a way to group custom workouts would be better, like directories or similar.

Totally agree. New workshop screen is massive backward step.

I have 100 or so workouts. These used to be in separate folders. After update these are all in a single folder.

I hate the new workout UI,

it make me to waste more time looking for the workout I want to do, while it doesn’t improve the workout editor which could be improved easily:

  • allow copy-paste blocks (by selecting one or several intervals)
  • allow the iteration of blocks
  • include free ride selection by “erg off” = “slope” intervals (with preselection of the level) or “course defined” (taking the resistance from the current selected course)

For editing workouts - try

I use zwofactory, but it is annoying that the app editor doesn’t even have functionality that an external zwo editor has: copy&paste blocks, or display the average power of a intervall!

this is something that is really needed!

This could be implemented as a custom training plan, which could allow you to group (and order) any arbitrary set of workouts, pulling from both standard and custom workouts. For example, copy a standard training plan, add a workout to it, change the order of workouts in the plan, or copy/edit one of the standard workouts in the plan.