Best watch to mimic Zwift running outside?

Is there an obvious popular choice for a watch with a nice display that while running outside could mimic the Zwift experience. For example, you could glance at your speed, heart rate zone, pace, distance, do planned workouts, or have GPS? Perhaps a FitBit, Garmin, Polar, etc.

Is there a running equivalent to an FTP test like in biking, and being able to set your heart rate zones or speed (power) zones and base workouts off that?

Garmin is the real leader there, although coros and others are getting close. I’d suggest going to for the most insanely detailed watch reviews

There’s good budget options starting around $150 and it goes up from there depending on how nice you need it to be. Some watches can stream Bluetooth music and have nft payments

If you plan on running more than a few miles at a time skip the apple watch, it’s just a toy

Some watches can do cycling and even give you golfing yardages too (fenix for example)

It’s hard to say, it depends on what you want to do. I don’t think there are really bad watches out there anymore.

I went Polar, TomTom, Apple then 3x Garmin and now Apple again.

I don’t run more then 2 hours and with the Apple Watch 6 and the App Irunsmooth it works great for me. Battery is not a problem even though I am streaming music via cellular and use the watch gps.

I moved away from Garmin because of their UX, especially regarding music. Although to me all of it feels dated overall. But that’s just my opinion.

Things to consider: You should know wether you want external sensors. Most watches handle HRM bands or straps, not all do footpods.

As far as I know it’s not possible to export your Zwift training plan. So you will have to rebuild your Zwift workouts and need a watch which allows custom workouts.

Other things to ask yourself:

Do you want music?

Do you want a touchscreen or buttons?

What battery life do you need?

Do you want to use it outside of workouts?

Do you need it to charge quickly?

Budget is also a factor.

The new Garmin Forerunner 55 is well priced but if you want all singing and dancing then a Fenix 6 will make you cry.

Agree with all of the above. Look at what is available, what features you require and what falls within budget. I have used some others before but in the end always came back to Garmin.

Side comment - if you want all you’ve listed on one (watch) screen, you’ve got better eyes than me! My main screen contains distance, time and pace only, whether I run trail or road. After that it varies.

Garmin caters for workouts, but there you need to be aware that certain models have limitations. My F5 can do just-about any workout, while my wife’s Forerunner (not sure about exact model, not top of range by any means) can only accept more simple workouts.
Personally, but that’s just me, I now tend to do my structured workouts on the treadmill, rather than worry about doing intervals outside and worry about traffic, crossings, terrain, etc.

Stay far away from the Garmin marq, that’ll really make you cry!!

They make a fenix look cheap