Heart rate monitor

Hi, I am considering purchasing a fitness watch like a Garmin of some sort. I was wondering if there are any watches I can use as the heart rate monitor for cycling on zwift? Or is this not possible and does it have to be a chest strap HRM? Thanks

There are a lot of watches that can broadcast heart rate to Zwift, but they are far less accurate than a chest strap. If it is in your budget I would suggest getting a watch and a chest strap HRM like the Wahoo Tickr since it’s duel band.

Thank you very much for your reply Paul, I think I might start with the watch and possibly get a tickr as well like you say!

I had a Mio Velo (similar to Mio Link). ANT+ and BT transmission. It was very accurate as I was testing it against the Garmin chest strap. Very convenient and handy. But it stopped working after a half a year :frowning:


I used to have a polar chest strap before and I just hate chest straps. Recently purchased a Scosche Rhythm+ and it feels quite amazing. According to DC Rainmaker it is quite accurate. Look into it!

I use the Scosche as well.  Much prefer to the chest straps I’ve used in the past (Garmin/Wahoo).  I strap it on my arm, and I’ve had more accurate readings from it.  I’ve got a Garmin Fenix 5, but still use the Scosche for HR.   Being so close to the hands, I feel (though I don’t know) that road vibration can hamper the accuracy of a watch.

The Garmin heart rate monitor (chest strap) is currently $15 on amazon, usually ~$50 elsewhere.