Need a Heart Rate Monitor

New Zwifter here…

I always had problems with my Garmin chest strap when connecting to my Garmin 530 (and 520 before that) dropping out. Today on my first Zwift ride it started ok, but about 20 minutes in it started reading 84. Not possible - when I’m dead my heart will be beating faster that that. LOL

I run Zwift on a Bluetooth equipped PC with an Ant extension cable and dongle. Any recommendations? I hear good things about the Wahoo Tickr. Would prefer something that I can sync with my 530, so I can use it when taking the bike out of the garage when this virus mess is over…

Thanks in advance for any suggestions you can provide. Ride on!

Lou S.
Long Beach, CA

the tickr would work on the 530 too. and has GREAT reviews
I personally have the 4iii Viiia, which is a solid unit that also allows for my Ant+ sensors (power meters, cadence, speed sensors) to be rebroadcast as a Bluetooth signal.

It also allows me to get around the AppleTV 2 bluetooth connections :wink:


All the cool kids are buying the tickr. I’ll be cool one day too.

I’m assuming you have tried washing the HRM strap, changing batteries, looked for rust (that’s what has killed my garmins) and riding without a jersey (to eliminate static from certain jerseys)? On the static topic apparently some people end up shaving their chest!


I’m using a Wahoo TICKR FIT Heart Rate Armband. It’s very comfortable on my upper arm and it’s very reliable.

The Tickr X also provides running telemetry, if you ever want to run on Zwift.

I still use a Scosche ANT+ and Bluetooth armband which I enjoy more than a chest strap.

I’ve got a couple of Garmin chest straps and never had a problem with them, as somebody said previously, have you changed the batteries?

I use a tickr on Zwift paired to Apple TV, the only downside is that Bluetooth seems to eat batteries a lot quicker than ant+. My Garmins run forever, the tickr needs changing every 4 months or so.

Challenge with Tickr with Apple products is with 2 iphones, an iPad, and a Mac within bluetooth range, it’s very easy for it to end up pairing with the wrong device, then it’s locked out from other devices. I had this issue before a race (2 of us share the Tickr) and I couldn’t fix it before the race start, so I was DQ’ed on ZwiftPower.

I’m getting a CABLE ANT±to-BTE converter to try my old Garmin ANT+ strap.

If you get one of the New Wahoo Tickrs they can connect to 3 devices using Bluetooth:


Hi Lou,
I’ve been really happy with my Polar OH1 after having some problems with my Garmin chest strap and Suunto chest strap.
(I bought the OH1 because my Garmin is Ant+ and I needed Bluetooth for my Suunto after Suunto chest strap totally gave up)
Garmin is ok again now, but when it gives up I’ll buy the Polar H10 chest version without hesitation. (I always like a backup).

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Thanks to all those who replied!

I had replaced the battery, but wasn’t sure about the last time I washed the band. So I did that yesterday, but afterwards forgot where I put the transmitter after unsnapping it from the band. (slapping forehead). I was digging through my old bike parts box (we all have one) and found an older Garmin HR band I forgot about. Although the elastic strap is pretty much shot it actually worked. Don’t see it as a long term solution though…

I like the idea of the Tickr armband, but it is a bit pricey and I think out of stock at Wahoo. Polar H10 came up a lot in my research too. Bluetooth is nice to have, as it will pair with everything I have including the laptop I run Zwift on and my Garmin 530 . Due to ankle problems I can’t run, but I can cycle. :slight_smile:

Leaning towards the Wahoo. Need a few other misc parts so I’ll probably order tonight. Thanks again for all the replies!

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hello i recently bought Garmin HRM-Tri Heart Monitor It allows us to send this data to Garmin forerunners 920XT GPS.

  • Lightweight and versatile
  • Running dynamics
  • Popular and demanding
    it allows you to pair with zwift.

I bought the Wahoo Tickr yesterday and it arrives tomorrow £39 on Prime.

Went for the grey wahoo badge in case the sweat turns the white badge yellow :rofl:

I’ll let you know how I get on with it.