Best tv to connect iPhone via lightening/hdmi

Hello - can anyone recommend the best tv/brand to connect my iPhone to in order to Zwift on a bigger screen? Got a lightening av adapter and a hdmi cable…thanks

What is your budget?

Really something like Zwift, the TV wont matter hugely. Because you are going out from your phone you will not get 4k quality so buying a high end Smart TV wont look the best it could.

I am using a dumb LG 42" 1080p TV that cost me about $300 and Zwift looks good from my PC out to it…My Samsung phone, not quiet as nice…

Thanks Matt…budget around £200 just need something compatible with my iPhone via the hdmi cable…your suggestion on LG sounds good…thanks

Any TV that has the HDMI input should work just fine, 1080p res at a min and off you go!

I have an old (2009) Samsung 42” already with a hdmi and can’t synch…:thinking::roll_eyes: thanks tho

MMM could be the HDMI version, as newer version of the standard have come out over the years. While they should be backwards compatible, could be in this case it is not.

TV likely has 1.4 while Iphone may be 2.0 or higher…