Best Beginner Program (Only 2 days a week)

Hi- I am looking for a good program for beginner 180 FTP. Cycling is secondary to my TRX routine, so I only do twice a week. All the programs I see on Zwift are 4-5 days a week. If there aren’t any programs, what are suggested one off rides that will help me progress overall power? Thanks!


I would suggest a workout or two. And sometimes a shorter race or time trial.

This is an on-line selection of work outs: 

I find it easy to use. It depends on your goals.

Do you want more 5 minute power? or higher FTP?

Hi Caleb,

Since you’re only riding a few days per week, you might benefit more from a custom workout of your own creation.

You can build a workout from scratch or you can edit, copy, and save any of the existing workouts already in Zwift if you want to use one of those as a template for your own workout. 

This article from our Zwift KB covers how to create a custom workout in Zwift. 

There are also videos and tutorials online that have been provided by members of the Zwift community, which provide helpful tips for creating and customizing your own workouts in Zwift.

Nice, I’ll take a look! At the moment I’m doing one shorter high intensity ride during the week and a more endurance focused one on the weekend.