BePro no longer supported? [SOLVED]


I have been using BePro watt pedals for the last 3 years but the last month or so, they no longer work with Zwift. I use a PC and an ANT+ dongle to connect. I have tried different dongles but still no luck. The pedals connect without problems to my Wahoo Elemnt, so it is not a problem with the pedals.
Have you stopped supporting these pedals?


Iā€™m not aware of any changes that would affect this specific power meter pedal.

Have you eliminated other possibilities?

  • Roll back any recent Windows updates that may have changed something at the OS level
  • Try plugging the ANT dongle in to different USB ports to eliminate motherboard issues
  • Try the same ANT dongle in a different laptop to isolate broader issues with that laptop


I have tried two different ANT+ dongles and in different USB ports. Both dongles pick up my HR and the hometrainer signals without problems but both have a problem with the BePro signal.
And again the signal from the pedals is picked up nicely by the Wahoo Elemnt.
This has to be a Zwift issue.

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Update : A reboot of my PC actually solved the problem. It works fine now.