Zwift lost signal to all devices at the time

Since the last Zwift update I have faced this annoying problem. It happens quite often and may happen before the end of a ride :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: Only restart of Zwift solves the problem.

Direto XR-T
Wahoo cadence sensor
Elite Rizer

Connection is BLE. Any ideas?

What are you connecting to? PC? Mac? ATV? Other?

PC Win10. It was working fine before the last update.

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Resistance control is not supported via ANT+? Trainer is Elite Direto XR.

Well, I got tired off that “no singal” issues and bought an ANT+ dongle. Well, now I can connect to my trainer (but not Rizer) using ANT+. But there is no resitance control, i.e. the resistance is the same on uphilling as well as on the downhilling :sneezing_face:

I enclose the screenshot with a list of available ANT+ connections. Which of them are Power and Resistance? I’ve switched them among each other but no resistance in the game.

The FE-C device is the one you want. FE-C is the part of the ANT+ spec for controllable trainers.

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So, I have to use the same FE-C device for both slots: Power and Controllable?

That’s right.

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happend to me straight after recent update.
lost all BT devices through companion app on iphone 6 to apple tv after approx 10 minutes, wifi connection was fine.

Does not work :sneezing_face:
It says “connected” but still no resistance. LED green ANT+ light is blinking on the trainer however Zwift shows its power watts when pedaling :grimacing:

btw, there is no calibration icon under Power slot when connected via ANT+.