Being too fast and too high W on Zwift

I have been riding on zwift for about a year and all was well until a few weeks ago, when my W increased from one day to the next from an average of maybe 100 to easily over 300. Which is totally unrealistic.
I use the same bicycle as before, the same trainer (Tacx Satori smart), the same app on my iPhone…
When riding out on the streets I do an average of around 21 km/h (on the flat). In Zwift historically I was maybe a little bit faster, let’s say 22 km/h, but recently I am hitting 37 - 40 km/h on Zwift easily. So something is wrong.
The back wheel seems to be touching the resistance quite nicely…
I just have no idea what might be off.

Any help would be appreciated.

hi @Susanne_Kaiser, have you calibrated the trainer recently?

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