Beach Island Loop Segment - Strava Issua

Completed the Beach Island Loop today but Strava doesn’t recognise the segment. Any ideas as ZwiftSegments (great webpage) therefore doesn’t recognise it either. Any thoughts greatly appreciated

I believe there is an issue with where they start your rider on Zwift. It won’t complete the full Strava segment. You can make an immediate u-turn when you start to go back further and then turn back around and do the route. Otherwise, if you do a 2nd lap, Strava will pick up the full segment.

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I think @Marko_TeamVegan is correct, Zwift starts you past the downtown banner rather than before the banner, so you have to either do the u turns or 2 laps to get the strava segment.

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Scroll down to the bottom of the Strava Segments listing of the particular activity in question. You’ll see a clickable “Don’t see the segment you’re looking for?” Click on that, and Strava will pull up a tactical map, showing the actual segment, the segment that it shows you on, plus usually some helpful language about WHERE on the segment you have missing bits.

Edit: Here’s the confirmation from the one who verifies the routes!

Zwift has us spawning AFTER the start/finish banner. Strava segment start… "Beach Island Loop" Route Details (Watopia) - Zwift Insider

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