Zwift Island

(Matias Palavecino) #1

Just uploaded to Strava. The GPS data shows up on the Mobile app, looks like an island SSW of Hawaii… Jarvis Island or Kiribati. This may sound crazy, but the GPS data isn’t showing up in Strava. Maybe something wrong with the FIT file? Would be awesome to create a Zwift segment in Strava! That could bring a lot of attention to Zwift. A segment anybody in the world could try and claim!

(Matias Palavecino) #2

Wait! Help from another forum says NOT to upload to Strava as stationary trainer. There are Col d’Zwift segments! Very cool.

(Greg Gibson-Haymarket) #3

Col d’Zwift and Deliverance Hill in the game originated as Strava segments. :slight_smile: