2 bridges loop not loading to Strava

Done this route twice and hasn’t loaded the segment to Strava. As start pen is in front of the arch wondering if this is the cause and if you have to turn round and go through the arch first.

I did this yesterday and you have to basically do two loops, the first one as you rightly point out starts at the other side of the banner. The second is the full loop and you get badge and Strava segment time.

@Gary_James1 - Is your problem loading to strava, or getting the badge?

It was mentioned when the routes were first released (cant find reference) that you dont need to to do “almost two laps” or a quick turn to get behind the banner etc - I got the badge after 7kms but no strava segment and just road from spawn point which was ahead of banner.

After posting I went and did it again this time turning round, going back through the arch, turning agan to go through the arch in the right direction and I got the Strava segment.


The Strava segment doesn’t line up w/the actual route quite right. So if you select the route and ride it, you’ll get the badge. If you ride a second lap, you’ll get the segment as well.

Or during a separate session, select the route, do a u-turn, ride 100-200m, then another u-turn and ride the route to get the Strava segment.

You can probably find the reason over on ZwiftInsider for why the segment doesn’t line up, assuming that his is the non-official official segment you are looking at. Or maybe @Eric_Schlange_ZwftIn will chime in here.

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It’s because Zwift set the spawn point for their new routes in FRONT of the start/finish banner.

So I had a choice to make. Create a Strava segment that also begins in front of the banner (but ends at the banner) or create one that represents the true segment after alerting Zwift that they need to adjust their spawn point.

I chose the latter.

My guess is the spawn points will be moved to before the banner ASAP. Zwift hasn’t promised such, but they did acknowledge that the current spawn point was probably a boo boo that needs to be fixed.

Worth noting:

  1. The segments will work fine in events
  2. You can start your ride with a u-turn, go through the banner, then turn around again - then your first lap will match the Strava segment.