Basement paincave

Hello, i am looking forward to make a paincave, but there are few huge(in my opinion) problems with it.

  1. The only place I can make it is in the basement.
  2. There is no direct ventilation (no windowses) and it can’t install one, because of the neibours (to do that I have to use their properties)
  3. The temperature is constant and is about 23 Celsius.

I am asking if there are others with similar basement paincave.
Do you use only fans to cooldown?
How do you manage to keep the oxygen in the right volume?
And maybe some more advices, pos and cons.

That’s pretty warm. It will get warmer and more humid with extended exercise, and a dehumidifier will increase the temperature. Could you vent directly upstairs? A portable air conditioner could be vented that way if you can tolerate the extra heat going upstairs. A fan in the access doorway might help as well.

I don’t think that’s too warm to safely exercise with several good fans that focus on the body, but it will affect performance. Heat acclimation is real and you may find it gets more tolerable with time.

I think i could lower the temperature with doors open to about 20-21 Celsius, and the humidity is about 45± percent.
What about the oxygen and co2 levels during and after workout, when there is no windows, will open doors work (basement is totally under the ground)?

Is there any scope to install ventilation fans like what you’d have in a bathroom to vent out steam? Where you run the flexible hoses for those will depend on what your premises are like.

You’d need a few of them to move enough air.

For cooling you may need small AC unit and a few industrial fans. Cooling should be easy enough but it’s the ventilation which makes we worry.

Nope, there is no way I can install ventilation fans. The only way of bringing fresh air is to leave open 2-3 door and the way of there air is 6-7 meter, stair down and another 2-3 meters.

Other ways would be to run flexible hose connected up to an extraction fan and having ugly flexible hosing running all the way then move it when it isn’t needed so people don’t trip over it.

You’d need longer hoses.

The O2/CO2 levels will be determined partly by the total volume of air in the room. But like heat it won’t really do you any harm, just potentially reduce performance during a session. If you can put a fan in the doorway blowing down into the basement that would help a lot. I bet the heat will be a more significant factor. If there’s a furnace down there I would install a carbon monoxide detector since inhaling a lot of that would be much more problematic.

Flexible hose is good answer, but there are always people moving and it will be a problem for them.

Maybe i will use 1-2 additional fans in the doorways and start them on like 10-15 mins before the training. Hope to bring fresh air and enough O2, and also reduce the temperature with atleast 1-2 Celsius.

In additional i can bring dehumidifier and use it every 2-3 sessions if the humidy humidity goes up.

Depending on your electrical outlets, you could have smart switches for fans (and exhaust fans or others) to turn things on wirelessly via your phone or a tablet.

What we really need to see are some photos of the basement if possible to see what kind of space is there, where the doors are in relation to everything else. It could be tiny for all we know and our ideas are completely out the window.

I drew an example spoke/

The level 0 floor has about 6 meters and i can’t put fan there.

This looks like a flat/ apartment?

The area of the other basements is that big?
If so I would suggest to have a mobile airconditioning and make a hole in your door and vent the hot air to the hallway.

Then when you workout, put the airconditioner in front of you, together with a fan?


Looks like my case in making basement paincave wont be as easy as i through. =(

Fans are always good. More and bigger are better.
Can you put some water bottles in the freezer for an hour before you ride. Colder water inside and/or outside the body helps.
There is never enough oxygen.

Not a lot of room that’s for sure.

Now I’ve seen the dimensions - you’ll cook in there. :frowning: Assuming I’m reading it correctly. 2.5x2.0m isn’t a lot of space.

I would be seeing if it’s possible to do something in one of the normal rooms of the apartment provided it doesn’t end in WW3. :wink: