Post your pain cave!

(Allan Watkins) #1

Where are you getting your workout on? A man-cave, the garage, living room, bedroom? How is your pain cave set up?

I have a spare bedroom with stained concrete floor, in it:

Cyclops fluid trainer (zwift runs with my Quarq for power). An ant+ dongle on usb extension hanging off the edge of my desk helps me stay connected.
2x Vornado fans - 1 behind me angled up 1 in front aimed forward.
1 set of rollers for recovery effort type rides
training mat to help with the noise / wireless earbuds
instrument tray I found at a Goodwill for like 2 bucks which I keep my phone / food / water / sports mix / keyboard / etc…
( something like )


Goals for holidays is to get a good deal on a wahoo kickr and step it up a notch!

(anon46748293) #2

(Shane Walton) #3

FYI - I got my KICKR from PerformanceBike for 20% off ~ $800

(Noel Nunkovich *USMES*) #4


My Pain Cave is a room behind my garage that also does duty as Man Cave/hidey hole, bike shop, recording studio, computer room, hardware/software lab, and occasionally rehersal space for the band. A neat side effect of all the music gear is that the sounds of Zwift Island get piped through my mixing board and out to a 2000 watt PA system.

The trainer is a Kurt Kinetic Road Machine. Power data is coming from a Power2Max power meter.

I have a Staples laptop tray holding the laptop, remotes, etc. and a freestanding 36" fan behind me. I probably should add a little floor fan in front pointing up at me.


(Kelli Samuelson) #5

Hey guys we would love to share your setups with the world, please post pics on IG, Twitter or Facebook. Tag @gozwift and use the hashtags #zwiftbeta #paincave that way we can repost and share how all of you are set up.

(Matt Aune) #6

put this on twitter earlier, but here it is again.

(T acoma Cyclist (LVE)) #7


Relegated to the garage, but it’s a decent space.  The bike workshop is in there and since it’s winter, it’s not too hot.  I can set up 3 bikes at the same time, but when it’s just me and the kid, we throw Netflix on the middle screen.  Next up - better lighting and workout matts below the bikes.