Basement conversion for a dedicated pain cave

I’ve recently redone my basement to create a dedicated pain cave
It’s been full tanked, added lots of ventilation, Hue ambient lighting and was now looking at some decor to liven it up. I was thinking of some graffiti type artistry to one of the side walls.

Any ideas of what would work?

Thanks in advance


That look very nice. what did you use for the walls, it look super reflective so I assume it is smooth, so very easy to clean.

You will need one of these.

Also check out these.

Its plastic decorative cladding and yes very easy to wipe clean

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I really enjoy seeing “top end” setups people come up with.

Your looks very similar to mine, but in a dedicated space, right down to the same kind of industrial fan. You can see it over on my post in the “Show me your Pain Cave” thread a few months back.


Build a rocker table; far cheaper than buying one. Your sit bones and improved perineal nerve function will thank you.

Add a remote control on/off switch for the fan to control air flow.

Hang spare wheels on the wall for ambiance if you have some.

Unlike my setup, yours might be narrow enough to hang towels for sweat right next to you by installing a towel rack on the wall. Have to use a pub table myself which doesn’t look like the correct solution in yours.

Better yet, add the pub table and stools behind your setup so the cheering fans have a place to watch while you suffer.

5.1 Dolby ceiling mounted surround sound with a 15" sub woofer for music if your neighbors can’t hear it. Far better than Bluetooth earphones falling out when your sprinting or climbing out of the saddle lol.

LED back lighting for the TV. LED’s make everything look cooler. Perhaps even around all the ceiling corners. The space is small enough.

Um, that’s all I got atm.

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Already have a smart socket which controls the fan via an app on my phone
Good shout with regards to hanging the spare wheel
I use the lifeline table to hold towel, bottle and phone
LED backlight or some philips hue ambilight strips are an option. I don’t want to overpower it with all the lighting!

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Don’t worry about LED’s taking up lots of power. They use next to nothing; it’s arguably the biggest reason why there is a rush to convert all light sources to them. I have them in every room of my house and they don’t even raise my power bill by $5 a month, running them 24/7/365.

Edit: I should of stated, the RGB color changing kinds, not just white light sources.

Not worried about cost but more concerned with the lights overpowering the room

I purchased a 5m led strip but not sure whether to fix to the ceiling or bottom of the wall.

Just finished the pain cave, smart plugs for the treadmill fans and the bike fans, when it gets too hot on the bike I can get a cross wind from the treadmill fans mounted on the ceiling. I use Apple TV boxes, one for each, one of the older boxes has a single bluetooth so it works great for the treadmill. Now with the wahoo table I enjoy longer rides on the bike with a place to put my phone and drinks and towel.
With this somewhat smart trainer it works well with zwift. The lights are all on smart devices now and Bluetooth inputs on an old school surround old school stereo I can listen to good tempo music while on the bike.
Next is to build a rocker board from scratch. Things have come together very slow due to supply and demand problems.