Bad quality kit jersey

since I switched to an AMD Ryzen processor the jersey texture is of poor quality. I am in ultra 1440p. Do you have a solution ?

AMD ryzen 2600
16go RAM
AMD Radeon HD 7950 3GO
AMD Radeon version 19.11.2
Windows 10

My guess is that it’s the GPU and not the CPU that is holding back the graphics.

My Zwift computer only has a AMD FX-4300, but it has a RX580 8GB GPU and the graphics within Zwift are very clear. I have also overclocked the GPU so that could have something to do with it.

That being said, Zwift uses OpenGL and Nvidia is best at that.

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But with my old i3 and 4go ram and same graphic card. Jersey are good quality…
i think there is a settings on config files

Look this facebook page. Same problem

I’m also affected by this bug that happens to be ryzen platform related! I ask for the help and troubleshoot from other users using the AMD platform to confirm. I have already sent a support ticket for witch i got the usual “check your drivers” response, leading to the conclusion they have no idea this is clearly a ingame bug.
You clearly see the difference here:

Same problem at this time.
Last radeon version and last Zwift update.

Do you have a solution ?


You can check this post in zwift riders… no solution though…like Jonathon Levie i changed back to intel

Please read and upvote the thread below. It would be interesting to see what RAM your system has. Very poor graphics despite Ultra capable system