Bad data in ZP event


I have sent a few emails to support over a week ago but as yet have not heard anything so I thought I would post here. I raced last Tuesday in WTRL as usual, no issues. Around 5 hours after the event my ZP data was flagged as sticky. I didn’t know what that was until I read about it, and now I do.
Looking at the data trace I could see my usual spikes in effort but there were flats and drops which didn’t look right, hence the flag; no arguments there from me. Since then I have updated smart bike crank firmware and performed a test ride, FTP test and also raced last night. The same peaks are there but the flats and drops are gone, so the data looks clean, problem solved. However…as a result of the erroneous data I was upgraded to CAT A. As such I am now having to ride in A in what I believe is a CAT to high for me. I have been closing in on A as I have been getting stronger, but am not quite there yet. I asked support to please remove the activity with the error so my CAT will return to B. Not heard anything at all so hoping a post here will help. I can post a link to the event or whatever else is needed. Really keen to resolve this as I cannot race with the team I am captain of until its sorted.



Hi @Daniel_Bolton_LEQP_M

Every E-mail you send will move you back in the que, so just give it time to move to the front.

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Ah OK no problem. Hopefully I will be moving up then as I have not sent anything for a good few days now. I don’t mind racing in A and getting my butt kicked as its great training, but is a shame for this season of ZRL. I can contribute better to our B team than our A1 team. Was a good experience last night though I have to say :slight_smile: Some strong people in that league!

Every E-mail you send will move you back in the que, so just give it time to move to the front.

What kind of punishment is this? And why is it only discoverable by scannig random forum posts? I understand that multiple emails shouldn’t bump you forward, but to push you backward without any warning? That’s just cruel.

I don’t know why that happen.

I can just assume the system is setup that if a follow-up e-mail come in it assume the follow-up has more information and makes that the active e-mail, so that the person looking at them has all the information together. But that is my guess.

So still no response on this one so am continuing to race in A for now, good training I guess:) I wonder at which point I should send another email to bump me to the back of the queue again, as waiting patiently does not seem to be helping. I suspect I will either not hear anything ever, or, I will hear but by the time this season if ZRL is finished. Neither is an ideal situation:(. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know. In the past this would have been dealt with quickly and easily:(