Baby on Board Wattage bug...?

Hi there, just starting some of the Baby on Board rides and completed Big bear just now. Probably more on the inconsistencies than usual because having to pay attention to riding carefully and watching HR etc.

There is something weird going on with the interval menu compared to the actual session- the first block of intervals was written as “45 secs @70 watts 30 secs @70 watts”- clearly not right.

The actual sessions delivered “45 seconds @70w then 30 seconds @195w”- quite a difference. Same for the third block, the menu is incorrect. See screenshot.

Completed the session as per what I was told to do but then only got 5/7 stars :frowning: sad times.

Anyone else experienced this? Was it because I was fiddling around with my FTP (lowering it) pre session? Cheers

See Workouts with intervals are not properly adjusting interval speeds [1.15.0] [July 2021]

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