Ramp test using ride best 1 minute power over full ride

Did a ramp test yesterday after I’d finished stage 5 C group ride on tour.
I got like 10 seconds into the 340w interval and it gave me an ftp of 321w (should be more like 240-260). Looking at ride data I had a 1 min power of 422w at the end of the stage and looks like its using 75% of the best 1 minute interval in the ride instead of the average 1 min power shown on the ramp test.

Did you load the ramp test without saving your tour ride first?

If so that could explain (not that it should) why it would use your best 1 minute average during that “session”.

Yeah it was the same ride, and yes that is what I believe has happened.
Its fine if that’s how it works it out, just need the workout to communicate that you need to do it on a fresh session/ride

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If you manually set your FTP to approx 250 it should be about right.