Average wkg

Has anyone had an issue where your Does anyone know why this is happening my 15 sec 30 sec 1 min & sometimes 5 min power avg are all the same? I know this can’t be right I went orange quite a few times tonight

It’s been the same since 10th January
Last time I had any variation was December 22

Are your rides set to private ? If you look at Zwiftpower are the lightning bolts green or blue ?

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They were now changed thank you :blush:

do you know if there is a way to update these in zwift power? eg change lightening from green to blue?

you can try going into activities and refreshing it but not sure how far back it will go for updating those rides

Have you changed your Companion App settings from Private to Public as Rich has suggested.?

When I look at your Activity it still appears to be set to Private.

Some events are being updated regularly to postprocess results but you can also trigger it yourself by clicking at “request update” above event description. Just make sure that you have changed the activity privacy to Public as others said.

I think that the limit is 1 week, i.e. it will not postprocess the data for anything older (at least that is what I saw).

would you mind checking now I think I’ve changed it?

Your profile is now Public but looks to me that all your rides since 4th Jan might still be set to private as they are not visible to me.

I’m not 100% sure but you might want to go into each ride activity and click on top right hand icon (square box with pencil ) and see if recent rides are still saved as Private. If so they can be changed to public.

Then don’t forget to refresh profile in ZwiftPower and wait.

Thank you :slight_smile: might take me some time