Avator starts stops

Having written to support 20 times with only 3 replies one of which referred to rollers when I have a fluid direct trainer turbo muin I still have the same issue- I start and lose wattage - so basically starts stops starts stops etc - I have updated everything, deleted reinstalled and replaced Bluetooth yet still carries on !! And my sodding iPad dropped on ground and cracked screen - pretty peed off - any ideas as getting no where with zwift support - thanx

That sounds like you don’t have a good connection to the trainer or some interference from another device like headphones.

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Sounds like a bluetooth connection issue.

Turbo Muin is a fluid trainer, the question is which sensors you use - the Misuro B is known for issues.
It is not a good idea to contact support 20 times - you will be on the end of queue with every new attempt.