Avatars weaving after July 2021 release [1.15.0]

They did reply to my comment and a moderator accused me of ‘having a dig’ because I’d said they should test these things before releasing them!

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This seems to be back - was happening in London today.

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This is approaching

and then just after passing

and again


Yes, it was especially bad in a large group ride event last night, constant weaving and swerving all over the place.


Also experienced this today in Yorkshire in a 100+ person group ride; first time there since the 1.17 version release. It was exactly as you have illustrated. I felt like a pinball, bouncing off other riders.

From all the reports, it looks like this is happening in all of the left-hand drive worlds.

I wonder if the ill-fated pack dynamics of 1.15 were just reinstated in the 1.17 release. Such a pity.


They’re going to be talking about the new (not these) pack dynamics in WoZ tomorrow. Comical timing.


This issue is now two months old. Got seasick riding London (Phil’s Cookie Fundough) the other day, and hurt my shoulder riding through concrete pillars. My avatar was all over the place.

Here is how it can be test in-house:

  • Generate any number of random riders
  • Inject their data to Zwift
  • See if the behavior is plausible
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I think I found the problem with your plan!


I think this is a server side issue. The wide swinging is back on left-drive roads (London, Makuri and Harrogate) and I think last time they fixed it server side. Something has definitely gone wrong at Zwift HQ and it looks like they’ve rolled back to an earlier version which might explain why the progress bar has also disappeared.

Although, from the outside, it’s hard to know exactly what is going on in Zwift HQ. I don’t think even the people that work there know what is going on in Zwift HQ.


Did a general London map ride yesterday (Sunday 19th Sept 2021) and found that when I was passing other riders that I would swing out towards the centre of the road just to pass. It all became a bit much with the swerving and I had to stop looking at the screen. Just wondering if others are experiencing it when doing “just ride” activities. I have read that people are experiencing in group rides with “keep together” selected. All seems a little bit much

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Happened to me too over the weekend during a group ride, also London map. Worst at the sprint stretch (Mall). Riders would suddenly exit the pack, swing to the far left, lose draft and get dropped. Additionally lots of weaving within the pack causing dizziness.

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Rode ZA Workout#4 on Sand & Sequoias this morning. The route bar worked before and after but the movement of riders was less than optimal. Or more than optimal. And then right at the end, the entire pack turned into Keystone Kops. Wish I was recording the video at that time. Looked hilarious. The reality is somewhat less than hilarious.

I rode in London tonight and the extra wide passes and weaving all over the road seems to have gone away.

I assume Zwift changed something in the background as there was no update before riding.

Riding a meetup in London today. The meetup behaved very badly something we have not seen.

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Just two riders in the Meetup? That looks like the long-standing “speeds go crazy slow or crazy fast” bug when you have very few people in the Meetup.


This was different, we had the speed bug but that bug would put us at 46km/h (can’t recall the exact number). This time we were slow even going down the KOM and we were “fighting” to be in the front with speed going up and down all the time.

We do 2 person group rides 5 days a week so when something like this happen we notice it immediately.

I rode London yesterday in a large group ride and I was continuously spat laterally out of the peloton making it very hard to pace so not sure it has been fixed

I’ve ridden London a few times since and it seemed to be fixed for me but did notice it a couple of times around Watopia yesterday but not as constantly as it was before.

Fired up zwift for the first time in a while and experienced this on Makuri last night. As a slower rider im used to riding the edge of the road but now the fast people also ride the edge and I get pushed over the centerline. Its almost like riding opposite lanes from the other worlds flipped some of the values for lane priority but not others. Slower riders still ride the edge and get pushed left but left is now the center of the road. Fast riders move right, but right is now the edge where the slower riders are. I bailed after 20 mins. It was nauseating and frustrating.

I was on a ERG mode event called “BaseCamp Climbing Power Ramps p/b Liv Cycling” with Tim Cusick and while doing the workouts, the entire ENTIRE damn time my avatar was either weaving laterally or speeding and slowing down relative to a group of other riders. Somehow I just ignored it and focused on the workout but it was nauseating and frustrating too. To think I’ve been paying subscription fees all these months for this rubbish is simply disappointing.