Avatars weaving after July 2021 release [1.15.0]

Did London 3R race yesterday as well…awful experience with the constant zig-zagging, changing of wheels, etc. On top of making me dizzy, it completely ruins any kind of racing tactics.

5:10 pm July 27 UTC: London still good, no swerving.

@shooj can you confirm if the bug was fixed for London, Yorkshire and Makuri?


Confirmed. Pack Dynamics were rolled back to the 1.14 version late yesterday on the server end.

This “fix” is separate from the 1.15.1 patch that’s releasing imminently. 1.15.1 will fix other issues, but not this one.


Awesome, thanks!!

Had to quit a london race because I literally got car sick from all the erratic movements on the screen. Good update.

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Just did the EVO London 160k ride (currently still running). I jumped off. This is just bad…Avatars are riding sideways as if they just came out of a (now reopened) pub. You can’t watch the screen without getting sea sick. The whole bunch looks more like a snake going forwards then a rider pack. In regards to draft: something is off here as well. You can do like 1-2 watts/kg more than riders left and right and still wont move up in the bunch (heavy rider here so raw watts not an issue). Zwift…this is bad…an I mean real bad. Might be time to incorporate some QC and let more or different people beta test…the moment you touched the dynamics about a year ago it only got worse from there. I don’t care if riders behave like “irl” after all its a game. But what I do care for is some consistency and more or less predictable behavior of my avatar. This is getting to the point where your “updates” cause me to drop of rides…(btw. 13k on Zwift this year alone)…


The pack dynamic difference in group rides is not better and the change is not subtle - it’s a mess!! Was getting dizzy today with riders constantly shifting left and right and also sometimes being ejected sideways completely out of the draft and being stuck there as the pack pulled away.

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So, the install completely failed on my Mac and after uninstalling and attempting to reinstall, I’m left without access to Zwift. I contacted Zwift tech support and I was sent a great message:

“Zwift on Mac was messed up for a lot of Mac users since the most recent Zwift update (1.15.0).
Honestly, you’re probably better off just using to PC or phone for Zwift until our team can fix these issues with Zwift on Macs.”

Where to from here?

Think I’d be asking for a refund!

Needless to say, I asked for that. I’m yet to get a response on that, either…? Hello, Zwift customer service?

I raced in London yesterday and I completely agree…it was really bad. Constant zig zagging, making me dizzy. And the impact on the race was massive, you couldn’t trust what wheel you’d get put behind. Oftentimes my avatar would leave the pack to grab a wheel on the other side of the road, only to go past that rider then be left in no mans land while the pack I just left speeds off ahead. Makes no sense and makes for some really frustrating racing. Totally agree on racing needing to be consistent, this was a massive change to race dynamics and I don’t really see any positive benefit to the avatar behavior on display in my race.

I read a server change was made, but have not verified London is fixed. Anyone try it today in a group? 7/25/21. My club is forced to ride known good worlds (as a work around) and it would be great to know it fixed. Virtual barf bags are not cheap lol

@Paul_SE_Florida_Schu, scroll up and find Shooj’s post from earlier today. Pack dynamics were rolled back last night.

That’s what I read too, however I was asking if anyone of us users have tested it to verify its back as it was.

Yes, it has been verified

In a professional setting (such as Zwift currently is), every bugs in the past that is game breaking would have been set up into a QA system where every alpha/beta build goes through before they even reach production.

It’s very hard NOT TO THINK of Zwift Development team as a bunch of interns with no work experience.

Heck, when I was an intern started out I had to write QA tests for a firmware engine. This is particularly infuriating because the level I was when I started out certainly would not have allowed such sloppy development work.

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They did reply to my comment and a moderator accused me of ‘having a dig’ because I’d said they should test these things before releasing them!

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This seems to be back - was happening in London today.

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This is approaching

and then just after passing

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