Avatars look dark in Garage [July 2023] [PC] [1.44.2] [SOLVED]

I’m on Windows 11 and it looks exactly like the last image here. I go into my garage before most rides as I’m always swapping bikes/wheels/kit. I’ve not experienced this issue until today when I updated to the latest version.

Two diffrent computers. Same issue…

Getting worse

It’s been like this on Android for literally years.


It seems have gotten darker than it was when I first reported the problem. Hopefully a patch can be put out to fix this.

Just updated to Zwift 1.44.2 and also got the dark Garage.
Windows 10, Nvidia 1080TI, Intel i7-6700k

Same here, Win 11, RTX 2060.

Just adding to the list of this problem. Also on the latest version V1.44.2 and on windows 10 PC. In garage for avatar customization, the shading has changed and is so extremely dark that you can barely see the equipment previews. Seems to be the case of all equipment previews. Example image below:

This issue still exists in 1.45.

I suspect that this is far down the list of priorities for Zwift since it doesn’t directly impact in-game functionality. We’ll see.

This should be a top priority to fix as (at least for me) I can barely see my avatar in the garage. Hopefully a (Windows) patch can be released soon. Thank you Zwift

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The devil’s advocate’s argument:
The effects of this bug are only at the cosmetic level and have no impact on riding/drafting, etc. In both the garage and Drop Shop, the selectable/selected items can still be clearly seen to the left/right of the (poorly lit) avatar. The avatar can also still be examined visually in the game itself using the available camera angles, and the garage can easily be revisited mid-game to change the choice of bike/wheel/apparel should that be desired.

I’m not saying that this doesn’t affect you, but this is the kind of reasoning used in a prioritization session to knock this one far down the list of bugs to which resources should be allocated. :man_shrugging:

I am sure they are working on a fix now as they (Zwift) take these bugs seriously now (way more than before). A patch is coming (we all just have to have patience,

Update August 3
Hey all - wanted to confirm that we are continuing to work on this issue. A fix for it is not in Zwift v 1.45 that started phased rollout today. We appreciate your patience and will update this thread when there’s news to report.


I have this bug aswel , anoying yes :wink: hope fix soon !

Yup. Same issue here.

Zwift v 1.46 addresses this issue. Over the next few days, we’ll roll out v1.46 to everyone across all OS platforms. Please update when it’s available to you.

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Hi Shuji, I use my iPad for Zwift, have the latest update (1.46) and the bike is still backlit, as you can see in my screenshot. It has been this way long as I can remember. Regardless how the bike is rotated, the bike is backlit relative to the viewer.

Thank you for your attention to this.

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Not fixed for me on Android with 1.46 either.