Avatar wont sit down

Weird…after the latest ATV patch my wife’s avatar reminds standing…independent of cadence. I rebooted ATV, uninstalled the zwift app. Cycled her Bluetooth connections. Rebooted her iphone running companion. Switched bikes in the garage. Everything i could think of… regardless of what event or free ride her avatar remain in standing position. Only sits if bike isn’t moving. I have an ATV setup right next to hers… no problem…my installation works perfectly. She’s using wahoo snap with ble sensors.

Any idea what’s up? I’m using wahoo snap with ant+ sensors.

The first thing to check is her FTP setting, if the FTP is to low it will look as if the avatar is standing/sprinting.

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You’re a genius!!! Yes, pilot error…she tried to do an on the fly setting adjustment and accidentally wiped out the FTP…it was set at 5 ! No wonder Zwift misbehaved… ftp back to normal and she’s sitting pretty again!

Thank you!

P.s. why isn’t ftp, etc included under settings in the app… hard to remember to click on your name and enter some info under profile…

Probably because it is user related so it is with your name, weight. Just my guess.