Avatar won't move

(J iggle Poof (50+ no race)) #1

Trying to get up and running for the first time this season. Have a Wahoo Kickr via Bluetooth to a Macbook Air, mirrored to a TV. Everything works-picks up the smart trainer, can get to the course, etc. But the avatar doesn’t move at all when I pedal. I’m recovering from knee surgery and desperately need this to work. Need to do 3 sessions of 10 minutes a day with no resistance, trying to do a flat course, slow pedaling.

(Please no snide or denigrating comments; I’m in the middle of a pretty significant bout of depression related to the knee and just want to be able to recover or at least do something besides sit on the couch crying. Thanks.)

(Paul Allen (Watopia Wayfinder)) #2

Is your subscription payment up-to-date?
Are you seeing watts on screen?
Do you see watts when you connect the trainer to the Wahoo app?
Have you done a spin down on the trainer?

(J iggle Poof (50+ no race)) #3

I keep the subscription year round to avoid problems when I need to start again in winter. Everything looks exactly like it should, but pedaling doesn’t move the avatar or generate any speed/watts, etc. I haven’t tried connecting to the Wahoo app-will try that next. What is a spin down? I haven’t used this since last year, and it was a new trainer for me. Thanks.

(Paul Allen (Watopia Wayfinder)) #4

Spin down is Wahoo calibration.

What color are the lights on the trainer?

(J iggle Poof (50+ no race)) #5

Solid red, blinking blue so I’ve got power and bluetooth is working. I can’t calibrate-here on my own and I can’t put pressure on my knee for some time yet. Hopefully that’s not the problem.

(J iggle Poof (50+ no race)) #6

Looks like I just can’t generate enough power to move the avatar, sigh. But I did download the Wahoo app and am hoping it will let me spin without resistance for rehab. If that doesn’t work, I think I"m SOL

(Karissa Minn [TFC Racing]) #7

You should be able to move your avatar even with a small amount of power, so that is not the problem.

What do you see in the top left corner of your screen? Does the largest number change from 0? If it doesn’t, then that means that Zwift is not receiving a signal from your trainer. In that case, it doesn’t matter how hard you pedal or how powerful you are - it won’t work until you get your trainer properly connected with Zwift.

Is your trainer successfully paired as a “power source” in Zwift?

(J iggle Poof (50+ no race)) #8

If I turn the cranks by hand as fast as I can, it starts to pick it up and I get power readings and speed readings and the Avatar moves. If I get on and pedal, I can’t pedal fast/hard enough. So it starts to move when I begin pedaling but stops almost immediately. So definitely not able to turn the cranks fast enough for Zwift. I should probably just resign the membership as I have no idea when/if I will ever recover the ability to do more than that. But I appreciate the responses. Thanks.

(Karissa Minn [TFC Racing]) #9

I still don’t think that’s the problem. Many people of many different abilities ride Zwift successfully, including those riding at very low power. The numbers are what will tell you what’s going on here, not the avatar movement. What does the large power number at the top left do when you pedal? Is it always very small (say, under 20 watts?) or does it seem to jump up and down?

(Karissa Minn [TFC Racing]) #10

If the number seems to go up and down, or sometimes get a reading and sometimes not, that’s not because you’re not pedaling hard enough. It’s because something is wrong with the signal between your trainer and Zwift. (Even if you’re putting out 5 watts or something, that number should show it. If it doesn’t, then it’s a signal problem.)

(J iggle Poof (50+ no race)) #11

Ok, so I did a therapy session at lunch and tried Zwift again. Didn’t realize it’s doing the same thing hand pedaling as when I get on. Get a reading (watts and speed) for a second or two and then it drops and I can’t get it to register after that.

The laptop is a MacBook Air, using bluetooth and it’s 42" from the trainer. No problems at all in the Wahoo app and I’m using that for the rehab.