Avatar legs not moving until standing on pedals

Since 1.42.0 update when I begin rides my legs are stationary until the software puts me into a standing pedaling position. Sometimes this occurs between .3 and .8 miles, and sometimes, like yesterday, at about 1.3 miles. The good news is that, eventually, my avatar legs begin moving. Not sure what’s going on with this.

PS: I ride on the main Zwift app (not Companion) using my iPhone.

Hi @Randy_Jensen

Shuji at Zwift HQ again. I took a quick look at your server logs and verified you upgraded to Zwift v1.42 on June 12.

Something I also noticed that would cause this symptom is that you are not logging out of your sessions in the expected way. It’s important to use the Save & Upload or Save & Trash buttons to end your sessions, or the session stays open as far as the server is concerned. This results in two concurrent sessions being open at the same time.

For mobile OS’s (iOS, AppleTV and Android) a good habit is to save your Zwift session and also force-close the app so that it doesn’t stay running in the background. Here’s how to force-close apps on iOS.

Would you try the force-close, wait 2 minutes, fire up Zwift, and let us know if your avatar is moving as expected?

This has been “a thing” since waaaaay before v1.42, notably when joining RoboPacers.

A quick sprint clears it … and helps wake your legs up!

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Every ride of mine ends with me ending and saving the ride. The only “saved” rides that I’m unable to see in my ride history are those with too few miles. I asked about this several weeks/months ago and learned that anything under 3 miles isn’t saved by the system. Buy my question arose because even those short rides I had ended and saved. Also, after every session I always close the app. No exception. I close the app every time. Hence, if something in the Zwift system tells you I have unsaved rides or that I left my app open, it tells me something is wrong inside the Zwift system.

I do appreciate your help. Just to make sure, after opening the app I did an immediate force closed. Waited about three minutes. Afterward I did two sessions. First session legs were not moving until at .3 miles. But, good news is they were churning away afterwards.