Avatar Cadence Stops/Shuffles

My avatar will sometimes stop pedaling, even though I’m still going at 90 rpm, and he will just sort of shuffle his feet up and down a little instead of spinning around. But a few seconds later, it’s resolved. I don’t lose speed or anything, and cadence records to Zwift normally. It’s just a visual bug. I’ve noticed this happening for at least a month. Anybody else?

Yep, always had the one below, and a couple of other places I dont recall at the moment. Agree though, visual only.

Yes, I have had it too. It is a bit scary when I get it in the middle of a race - Have I lost the connection?! Annoying.

It definitely seems to happen only in certain locations. I noticed that spot before the bridge today too.

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This bug is really hard to describe, but the normal “rotary” pedal motion displayed by avatars is sometimes displayed by a weird oscillating pedal motion where the avatar half lifts her/his feet up, then pushes them back down again like they’re stepping/walking in place rather than pedalling. It actually looks like/reminds me of “Movja” system, see this video for what I mean - MOVJA \ Excellence in half movement - YouTube

It seems to happen only on certain specific map locations, most notably/commonly on the descent pictured below in the “Watopia” world, after you leave Tempus Fugit heading out of Saddle Springs and take the left fork (not the Sequoias turn to the right) when riding a route such as “Tick Tock”:

Couldn’t see anything in the Known issues forum for this, but apologies if it has already been logged/ticketed:

Yeah this happens reliably in certain places and has been brought up before. I notice there is also a slight stutter of the rider’s head at the same time.

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I find this happens when the trainer supplied cadence reading is going wonky, usually when the fly wheel is spinning super fast and on a downhill, the trainer has no idea what the cadence is and the avatar animation is as described above. Always happens in that spot outside titans grove too.

My trainer uses a crank mounted power meter to supply cadence, so cadence is probably more correct than anything else it’s reporting. It always seems to happen in the same places no matter the circumstances.

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Yes sorry Mike that’s not it - I use a crank based cadence sensor too, and cadence reading is reliable 100%, I don’t use trainer-supplied cadence. It also happens specifically on this section of the map and not, say, when I’m descending AdZ, which you would imagine would exhibit the same problem if that was the case. I agree with Paul - its linked to map location, not anything to do with user setup.

In terms of “that spot outside titans grove”, i think we’re talking about the same spot? Can you post a map similar to mine showing the area you mean if not?

Thanks for that link Paul, did a search but hadn’t searched for “shuffle” lol, so many ways to describe the issue!

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