Avatar stops moving despite recording cadence

Lately my avatar has been randomly stopping and dropping to 0 watts power, despite no change in my pedaling and the app continuing to register cadence. In yesterday’s ride, it happened 7 times, with pauses as long as 45 seconds despite continued pedaling (see attached photo, showing Power in white dropping dropping to zero while Cadence in blue is maintained.). Bike is a Stages SB20 trainer, has new batteries, and the bike and connected iPad are physically in the same room as a FiOS Gigabit router with no apparent connectivity issues. Any ideas what is happening? ,

Others with the SB20 have been reporting problems since the last update with increased/erratic power (and I see your 1332W max there). I wonder if this could be associated?

Or you could try another app and see if the behaviour is limited to Zwift, or if it’s your bike that is stopping transmitting power intermittently.