Avatar doesn't pedal when saving and starting a new ride

I thought I’d posted this before but I may have dreamt it as i did a search and can’t find it.

When I finish a ride, save it and then pick a new world/route and ride again the avatar doesn’t pedal even though the cadence is showing higher than zero so it isn’t a pairing problem.

If i switch to a different cadence source it works and then if i switch back to the previous one (that didn’t work initially) it then works again. So it is a work around just annoying.

This happens on android and on PC and on different trainers/cadence sources so don’t think it is anything to do with my particular set up.

My guess is the cadence sensor goes to sleep and need to be re paired to wake up.

Also cadence does not make the rider move it is the speed or power sensor.

i know how it all works and the cadence sensor doesn’t go to sleep as I literally save one and start another (on android you have to repair the sensors too) and the cadence number is showing so it is picking up the cadence it is just the avatar is not pedalling.

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I can recreate it every time - is someone else able to try it?

I use power from my trainer, cadence from my power meter and controllable from the trainer (obviously!) but it also does it if i use power from the power meter too.

all works fine, save then start a new ride, everything paired fine, numbers all showing just the avatar isn’t pedalling.

pair a different cadence sensor - ride for a bit and everything works and avatar is pedalling again.

go back re-pair the original cadence sensor and everything works and avatar is pedalling again

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Would mean your trainer’s powermeter is sleeping?

I have another setup - controllable Neo, power + cadence P2M powermeter - P2M sleeps after 2 mins without pedalling. Needs about 10-20 seconds to wake up. Tested with Neo - seems not sleeping if correctly paired (not before 5 minutes, I did not wait longer :grin:).

I definitely isn’t asleep - the cadence is showing in the top left where the power and heart rate are so it is picking up the cadence it just doesn’t make the avatar pedal.

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I have almost the same setup. Power form H3 trainer, cadence from Asioma Power pedals and Controllable from H3 Trainer.

I never saw the cadence stop working.

If I understand your issue you say the cadence value show but the avatar’s legs does not move?

yes - exactly!

it only happens after I save and then start a new ride though. So everything works fine on the firsdt ride but doesn’t on the second.

I have done this on different PCs also on android and various different combinations of trainers, power meters and cadence sensors too so don’t think it is specific to me

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That is very strange.

what is the other cadence sensor that you use, can you remove it from the equation and see if it still happen.

I’m just thinking out loud.

Yeah it is very strange!

the cadence sensors are either the power meter or the trainer’s cadence (which is really bad which is why i use the power meter for cadence)

i could understand if it didn’t display the cadence and it didn’t pedal but it is weird it shows the correct cadence but the avatar is not moving.

happens every time I save and do another ride though. And it is weird it does it both on PC and android because after you save on android it takes you to the pairing screen so you have to re-pair everything

It isn’t the worst problem in the world just a bit annoying to have to pair something and then unpair it, pair something else then unpair that and re-pair the previous thing each time.

O and I am using Ant+