Automatically email activity on completion

It would be great if under “Connections” you could configure Zwift to automatically send an email at the completion of your session containing your activity data so it’s easier to import into other programs or share directly with friends.

Are you using a PC or Mac? If so the activities are stored locally. What program(s) are you referring to?

I’m currently using PC via moonlight streaming to Nvidia Shield TV (Which works awesome BTW) unless the upstairs PC is in use, then I’m using Zwift directly on an Apple TV.

All of my tracking is done on the iPhone in Cyclometer.

I sometimes use a separate program to control the trainer, for workouts. The PC app, and maybe the different iOS app, have the option to email the .fit file to a specified address. This same option would be handy for at least a few Zwifters. The file is available for download at; the email option would just automate that.

You could hook up Strava to, which will allow you to email you a summary of your workout. It’s fairly straightforward if that’s what you’re looking for.