Auto Upload to Strava

I’m using IPad with 30 pin lightening adapter and Wahoo ANT + key connected to my Trax (non  smart) and Garmin Edge 1000. When I finish a ride and save it shows that ride will be uploaded to Strava but it never appears. Garmin and Zwift app shows as connected…what is wrong ? Don’t want to start paying for Zwift if the rides dont upload to Strava (all rides are shown as saved on Zwift) 

This happens sometimes and all you need to do is disconnect and reconnect Strava.

You can manually upload the rides by downloading them from Zwift and there are also ways to get the .fit files of the iPad if you need.


I’m only seeing one ride on this account for 1 mile. Do you have another account? 

Tyler S… I’ve only 1 account but completed about 10 rides and none of them have uploaded