All my rides are not uploading to strava

Since my last update 227 on Apple tv my zwift rides are not updating to strava very disappointed and cannot upload fit file as its empty. Only way o can record on strava in to do manually not happy.

You are not alone. I have been informed by Zwift that this is a known glitch. They advise to close the app down, run any other app for a few seconds, and then re-load the Swift app to get it to upload your ride data. They are working on the “fix” so maybe next week an up-date?.

I have the same. IPad with Zwift and android for Companion.

My Specialized Roval Climbing Challenge didn’t upload to either Strava or Garmin correctly. I got like a 3sec ride with a rubbish map as a result. On Zwift self the data looks fine but the map is also rubbish.

Same issue for me, rides not appearing in strata.

See Unable to download a ride - and it didn't auto-upload [July 2021]