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updates, where are they

Anyone else having issues with the update not uploading to strava. No issues before the latest update and my last two rides won’t sync. Loads to Garmin connect no problem. Running it on Apple TV.

Already tried disconnecting and reconnecting the accounts and that didn’t work.

yup, I’ve had to manually download the .fit files from zwift and upload into strava for the past 2 days.

My third ride wouldn’t upload

On what OS are you Zee?

Im on windows and my rides does upload to strava.

Looks like it may only be either iOS or just Apple TV?

My ATV ride did not upload to Strava yesterday, but did on Tuesday. My most recent update was several days ago. I’m not sure where the breakdown is on this, but I am thinking it is not specifically related to an update.

just an update, my ride from today auto-uploaded into strava after issues from the past 2 days. i’m running it on my MacBook.

Looks like it may be resolved now. After two days in a row not uploading, my ride from this morning was good to go just seconds after finishing like usual.