Auto-sign-up for an event when starting workout

Since last Zwift update I experience the following issue:

Every time I start a workout in Zwift, Zwift seems to have automatically signed me in for an event about to start soon (or just started), leading to annoying notices to participate in the event during my workout. Did anyone else experience such a phenomenon?


Hi Tom - @Thomas_Nuthmann

I’m a Zwift support agent, and I’ve not yet heard of the issue you’ve described. I was, however, able to check your account and investigate this a bit.

As of your last Zwift app session (on Feb 23rd), my internal tools are reporting that you logged in to Zwift on your computer, and within approximately 1 minute after logging in it shows that you signed up for this event.

The source of the event sign up was from the Zwift game app, and not from the Zwift Companion app, or the Zwift website.

  • Is it safe to assume that my above-mentioned description is an example of what you’ve described?

  • If so, how often does this happen?

  • Can you reproduce this phenomenon with every workout you start or does it seem to be random?

  • You’re positive that you’re not clicking on any of the stuff in the top-right of the drop-in screen? It’s perhaps easy to misclick on one of the events listed in-game and inadvertently sign up for an event.

  • Do you use a special type of keyboard or mouse that has a lot of extra buttons that can be configured ?

  • If so, would it be possible for you to swap out the mouse and/or keyboard with different ones and see if that’s perhaps the culprit?

Thanks, and looking forward to hearing back from you!

Hi Steven,

thank you for looking into that.

After the last update I did two workouts so far, first on Monday, second today. The issue happened both times. I use Zwift on a large Microsoft Studio 2 Touchscreen and set up my workouts always by using the touchscreen. I’m quite sure that I did not accidentally signed in for an event on the right side of the screen, cause this part is not that close to the parts where I had to do the setup and this never happened before and now two times in a row. But of course I cannot be 100 % sure. Next time I start a workout I will monitor very carefully what happens and report.

Kind regards,


You’re welcome, and that sounds like a plan @Thomas_Nuthmann !

If you want to take it one step further, consider recording a video of you going through the process to start your workout, and this might shed some additional clues as to what’s happening. I’d be curious to see what happens if you’re able to record a video exhibiting the issue.

Hi Steven,

Mystery solved. This is what happened:

Last weekend I updated my Microsoft Studio 2 from Windows 10 to Windows 11. I always listen to my “Ride On - Indoor Cycling Playlist” on Spotify (check it out!) while riding. Since Windows 11 doesn’t have a designated tablet mode anymore, the Spotify Window I opened after starting Zwift opened not in fullscreen mode and the right-top corner with minimize/maximize/exit buttons was just above the first entry in the upcoming event list of the Zwift screen. When I touched the minimize button of the Spotify window with my finger, my finger was a little to large for the button. Apparently not just the Spotify window reacted to the touch gesture and minimized as intended. Also Zwift in the background reacted to the overlapping gesture and signed me in for the event. So one touch for me, multiple reactions from the computer.

I am not sure if this is an intended behaviour. From my understanding only the active window on top should react to a touch gesture. But I now understand what happened and I can avoid this in the future by always use other programms on top of Zwift in maximized mode.

Thanks for your help!

Kind regards,


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Very astute observations and thanks for sharing your troubleshooting process and solution, Tom.

I checked out the “Ride On - Indoor Cycling” playlist on Spotify and thanks for the suggestion! There are some really energetic and fun songs on that list; very good rhythms for exploring Watopia and beyond.