auto screenshot postings to Strava don't preserve aspect ratio

The aspect ratio is not preserved in the automatic screenshots to Strava, so the riders look very squat and the moon looks like an egg

Can you link me to your strava activity with the bad pic?  If you don’t want to post it here you can also email and ask them to forward it to Jon Mayfield.

Do you happen to know if your monitor is 16:9 (wide screen) or 4:3 aspect ratio?

The activity is but you may not be able to see it; posted a copy here

4:3 1280x1024, dual monitor setup with 4:3 lcd monitor and projector, display settings set up to mirror; zwift running in windowed mode


I have had this too.  I use an ultrawide monitor on 3440x1440.  There are some graphical oddities in the game now and again, but nothing major.  But taking photos on the Zwift link app, if they’re included automatically as the activity uploads to Strava then they’re horizontally squashed.  But uploading them manually, the aspect ratio is preserved.

See here: