Auto Cancel of subsription when credit card expires?

If you expect to keep customers like me contionue to use zwift.
Cancel my subscripion after almost 3 years. Only because my credit card has expire, is not good practise.
I have a number of different services, and they all sent friendly reminders to update credit card stuff, but you just canceled my subscription.

Still have not decided if i will keep using zwift…
Pretty dissapointed.

You won’t lose any progress, you can simply add details of your new card or debit payment.

Whilst i agree you should have received a reminder i can equally understand Zwift suspending your account if they’re aren’t getting paid.

Maybe link your account to a payment method with no expiry?

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Yes i know, i did that, wil decide if i wil keep using zwift later on
I do’t understand it at all, it is just poor user management.
And if the will expand user base 10 times, this attitude will certainly not work…

I have about 10 different subscription, and all of them send me a friendly reminder to update my credit card details for the record

Maybe they do normally. I couldn’t say as I’ve always linked my account to a payment method that doesn’t expire.

Not sure of the rationale that you might stop subscribing to Zwift because of what is technically your responsibility but i see things different to you.

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A friend of mine has deliberately chosen a payment method that will expire because that way he’s in control of his payments. He would be annoyed if he got spam mails reminding him to pay.

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