Audio no video

Hey Folks 

Since the last update, when I connect my laptop to my TV monitor I get audio but no video!

This does not happen with any other software program on my laptop except Zwift.

It never happened until the last update.


Please help.


Having exactly the same problem.  Does not matter which option I pick it will not show the screen where you ride. I can login and it shows the login screen etc… but as soon as it loads up the sensor page and riding page it will not show.


Have they come back to you with a fix yet?




Hi guys,

What graphics chips/cards are you both using? And do you know the driver versions?


Please help having the similar  issue. Starts fine goes to the Z full screen then once the setup starts audio is fine on the tv but it reverts back to desk top image. It continues to display correctly on the laptop screen and the audio still work on the TV.

Computer is HP pavilion Notebook, Running windows 10 home version x64 based

Graphics: AMD Radeon ™ R6

Driver version is 15.201.1101.0 Date: 8/6/2015