Audio echoing and VERY LOUD [1.31] [November 2022] [SOLVED]

I’m have this issue on my iphone. sound is really loudly and can not recover…

Please fix asap!

Same in Crit City just now ….on PC. Come on - fix it pls.

Game has been fine, last run a couple days ago and sound all ingame sound is turned OFF. I just started a run and I cannot turn the sound OFF,… it is stuck on,… How is this fixed,… it just all of a sudden happened.

were you in New york?

no way to stop it unfortunately - just have to mute your device. fix is coming… apparently!

Why isn’t this fixed yet?

It’s been two weeks already. Is the only guy who knows how the sound system works on holiday?

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They’re waiting until the next full update. :roll_eyes:

Since listening to music while on my trainer is important to me, on OSX I have found two workarounds:

  • Limit to Watopia, which isn’t afflicted and is generally the best world anyway
  • Use a competitor’s product which doesn’t have glaring audio issues that go unfixed for weeks

which I’m sure will not make anything else go wrong

Fixed it for you. :slight_smile:

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They are trying to find the code in between all the bugs

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This happens every time I load up Park Perimeter Loop currently. It doesn’t stop even when I go to main menu, until I have loaded another route. I am running Zwift on latest release of Windows 10, and I tried reinstalling as well.

Should send them an invoice for your time.

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You know there’s something seriously wrong with the sound when the speakers in my previous headset explodes after a little trip in New York​:joy::+1:t2:

Fortunately for you, the headset was one and a half year old. I have bought new ones that are just as cute as the pink Tour the Makuri bike kit and I’m waiting to ride in New York again until the sound works fine :blush:

Yes, ive had this too… Windows get around, head to system->sound-> Volume mixer and turn the zwift volume to 0, note you need to be in zwift to do this.

This way, like me i ca still have my speakers blasting out :slight_smile:

I know that this is possible, but I would like to see Zwift fix this issue. I don’t understand why Zwift doesn’t just rotate out New York for another world to give their developers time to fix this. It would also frustrate users less.

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I am not trying to be unduly harsh here, but approaching 3 weeks later, there is still no fix. As someone who has used this platform for 7 years, I am awfully patient about some of the “Zwiftisms” I have observed over the years; however, I am growing quite weary over the clear lack of attention to detail.

This “bug” (among the others) that completely ignores user-based settings, which should be a core component to any game, should NEVER have been released to the community. The bare minimum testing/vetting would have indicated there was a problem here. Moreover, nearly three weeks of turnaround time (and counting) is unacceptable to not have a clear path to repair.

I can appreciate that Zwift has been better about responding to forum posts to keep the community apprised of progress and their awareness of issues, but what is Zwift doing to address root cause? Where is the accountability when the vast majority of major updates are fraught with a litany of nuisances and bugs?

I am sure this reply will be dismissed as a “Karen” post, but I am imploring Zwift to please look at your processes to better serve your customers.


They’ve said it will be fixed in the next full game release, which is presumably another couple of weeks away. Current/new issues with Zwift 1.31.x (November 2022)

Totally agree btw, this update has been a shambles. It’s like they’ve spent all the time slapping themselves on the back for the new expansion and totally ignored all the new problems. Not good enough.

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Zwift, if you dont want to QA your product or fix in a timely fashion, could you at least provide two different streams for updates, one in which people can use that “just works”, the slow/stable channel would get features only after they have been proven to work and vetted by other users that need/want these new features. At least for me, i just want zwift to work… Too many times there are significant bugs that prevent me from enjoying a workout.


That almost sounds like an oxymoron.
Sort of like “tight slacks”, or “airline food”. :rofl: