Assault air runner?

Been zwifting now for a couple of month and enjoying it.
Looking to add a running machine and very interested in the Assalt Air Runner.
The self power and ability to sprint appeals to me.
I think Zwift use these for the Arena Triathlon Games that are currently on at the moment , but not sure.
However, I have read a review that says the air runner ’ does not play very nicely with Zwift’.
I know there is no elevation option on the Air runner but to be able to alter the speed just by running really does appeal.

Any feedback on this product would be much appreciated ?

No connectivity that I’m aware off. It’s both BT & ANT+ so that covers all bases.

Don’t worry about elevation as Zwift doesn’t use this currently.

Non motorised give a much better feel to real life running and your speed is more accurate.

Expensive though but you’re only here once as they say.

Thanks Stuart,
Any suggestions to a more economical product that would be similar.
(not seen one that looks as good yet)

I use an Air Runner with Zwift, but I use Stryd for pace, not Bluetooth from the treadmill.

If you’re not aware, effort vs pace is a lot more challenging on a curved manual treadmill, so be prepared for some disappointing figures on Zwift compared to outdoors.

Until recently I used my Garmin watch in “Virtual Run” mode to take my Stryd data and apply an adjustment factor to compensate. Unfortunately I’ve been running into connectivity problems between the watch and Zwift.

Now I connect directly from Stryd to Zwift and have discovered that Zwift calibration works equally well to make appropriate adjustments to pace/distance. Happy days.

This is an article mostly about Stryd on treadmills, but covers suggested adjustment factors for the extra demands of curved treadmill running. Scroll down for the section on curved treadmills.

FWIW I use an adjustment factor of 1.25 for pace so that 4 km from Stryd reads as 5 km in Zwift. I use a similar adjustment for my weight in Stryd do that my power figures on the treadmill correspond with outdoor power numbers for the same effort (heart rate).

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Have a read here.

Connectivity to Zwift could be an issue with some of these but as Tim had eluded to there are other options. A 2nd hand Stryd is available for less than $100 for example.

I’ve got the AssaultRunner elite one of the best purchases I’ve made. I use a stryd pod adjust calibration and off I go. There is a learning curve though.

I have the assault runner elite and stryd also love both. I find I have to adjust the calibration factor a lot to account for the differences in a curved trainer. I’ve heard it’s like running on an 8% incline all the time. For me I live it just a learning curve.

Recently i joined a new gym with brand new Life Fitness equipment and I can run as easily at 10 kph and 1% there as I can on Zwift and curved treadmill at 8 kph. So I’m happy that the 1.25 calibration factor is fair.

But I’ve now stopped using any calibration adjustment and I accept that I’ll run slower on Zwift with my curved treadmill. I don’t use Zwift at all at the gym.

At the end of the day I’m not a competitive runner, barely even recreational. I run for health (posture and mobility) and weight management, so I’m not trying to compete on numbers - just run.