Assault Airruner using iPAD instead of their console


I was watching Super League Triathlon and saw that they were using manual treadmill “Assault Airrunner” with iPAD instead of Assault console.

Anyone is using this, I want to do it in my assault treadmill bit did not find any information how to do it.


I have an Assault AirRunner which I connect directly to Zwift for speed. As for the SLT, I believe they were using Runn Treadmill Sensors for speed and the iPad’s were there as screens so the athletes could monitor their position in the race. My guess is that Assault was not used for speed because they did not have a sponsorship deal (all their decals were covered).

I use an Assault Airrunner with an Android tablet for Zwift. Pace data comes from Stryd, HR from a chest strap.

It is useful to note that effort vs pace is much tougher on the Airrunner than flat running outdoors or using a motorised treadmill at 1%. It is supposedly equivalent to running up an 8% incline, which you can’t adjust. Put another way it requires 20-30% more effort (power) at any given pace.

This is, I guess, not an issue when the playing field is levelled, and everyone on the same treadmill, as in your competition example, but a different story when competing or training on Zwift and trying to match the same targets as everyone else on motorised treadmills.

For this reason I actually relay pace from Stryd via my Fenix watch and make a pace adjustment of 1.25 to compensate before forwarding the modified pace to Zwift. This keeps things honest with my performance outdoors - same heart rate for same pace indoors and out.

For similar reasons I have increased my weight for my Stryd by a factor of 1.25 as well. This means that my indoor power matches my outdoor power for equivalent pace.

Of course it is not required to make these adjustments, but you will have a tough old time matching your outdoor performance and other people on Zwift without them.

Reference to the harder effort…