Aspect ratio incorrect full screen macOS

When using a Macbook Air M1, the game always starts in a window. That in itself is not a problem. If you change the window size to an unusual ratio, everything will be neatly rearranged. So far so good!!

But if you then click on the green fullscreen option to go completely fullscreen (you no longer see the title bar and dock) then the proportions are incorrect.

You can see this, for example, in the power-up circle, which is no longer completely round but slightly oval.

You can also see the incorrect aspect ratio on uploads to your Zwift account / Strava.

For what it’s worth, I use the settings below, but changing them doesn’t solve anything:
Game resolution: 4K UHD 2160p
Screen Mode: Full Screen (what does this option do, it makes no difference on macOS)

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I have the same issue too

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This issue is still present. Latest macOS (Sonoma 14.3), latest Zwift app (downloaded yesterday, Finder says 1.1.11).

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I see this distortion on the built-in display of my 2021 MacBook Pro (14") but not on my 27" 4K display that I typically use.

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I’ve spoken with Zwift support about this issue and been back and forth with screen grabs and details so they are aware of the issue.

Its a real shame its not working 100% - as I use my ipad on the bike all wireless and its a neat solution - and having the improved graphics from the mac would be even better.
I looked at a usbc powered screen - but those are limited to 1m cable etc and not so slick.

Looks like this issue has been around a LONG time:

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I have also spoken to Zwift, and were told to create a feature request. Really frustrating they are not taking this seriously.

The tag on this thread indicates they already have a ticket for it: gmplay-9620

You might mention that to support and ask them to check on its status. Is the ticket still open? Is it assigned to anyone? Any updates on the ticket? If it’s assigned to someone who doesn’t work there anymore, that would need to be fixed.

I linked to this thread and just got automated replies. They even implied the issue was non existant at first.

This issue is still not fixed or acknowledged. Zwift, cmon?!

some workaround - f you hold down the Shift key while you expand or contract a window, the window maintains its original aspect ratio.

its acknowledged - it has a ‘gmplay-9260’ reference assigned.

Now the question - how long and IF will it get fixed…