as anyone literally falling over while Zwifting?

(jude woodcock) #1

I did what i usually do the set the bike up on the trainer.  and after about 5 mins. the trainer and bike and i fell over.   no one got hurt.   but when i finished out the ride, something smelly fishy happened to the trainer.    

now I can’t get the pairing to do its thing.   i would hope the computer in the trainer is not that sensitive to a little spell.   but maybe.   i have two hip replacements and i did not break.   i am feeling extremely disheartened at the moment.  my life has been rough with 2 cat. 5 hurricanes and now news of a little brain surgery coming up and the zwift has been a life saver for me.   

(David K) #2

I’m so sorry to hear about your fall! Generally, the wheel stop at the front of the bike is enough to keep it from tipping over, but there may be other accessories worth researching to make your bike a bit more stable.

In taking a look through your activities a bit, I do notice your past couple of login attempts where nothing paired. Before assuming your CycleOps might be damaged, is there any chance the fall just damaged your ANT+ USB Dongle? Do you have any other ANT+ sensors you could test that theory with? If you can’t get any ANT+ device paired to your iMac, chances are you’ll just need to replace it.

However, if other ANT+ sensors can connect, I’d try power-cycling your CycleOps by removing the power adapter and plugging it back in. If that won’t allow connection, I’d recommend contacting CycleOps or if you’ve purchased Zwift and your CycleOps from us, there should be a phone number in the box that you can dial for support.

We hope to see you riding again in Zwift soon!

(jude woodcock) #3

ok i am stilling having issues connecting.   should the blue light on the trainer be blinking or just on?  and until i figure this out, can i unplug the power adapter and use the trainer like a normal one?    i have to do something about riding now.  thanks