Are there any URLs I should NOT BLOCK is using something like pi-hole?

I’m using pi-hole to block ads on my phone and I am wondering if blocking specific URL’s might cause Zwift to disconnect during rides so one minute I’m surrounded by people and the next I’m a lone rider.

I am trying to determine if the Sept 2020 update is causing the dropouts, or my router.


The Zwift PC app uses TCP ports 80, 443 and 3023, and UDP port 3022.

You could monitor traffic using 3022 and 3023 while you’re Zwifting to see which Zwift servers they’re connecting to, and allow those. Or just allow your Zwift device to connect to any valid public IP address over those ports.

I’m not aware that Zwift would be affected by blocking any ad servers.

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I have the default Gravity settings, plus a few sites I’ve monitored and decided should be blocked.
I’ve never had to exclude something to allow Zwift to run.